Investment modes


We provide 3 different solar plans to choose from.
You choose how and when to save with solar and we take care of everything else.

Purchase Loan PPA
Mode details Buy Solar panels outright and get savings on electricity bill from day1 We arrange for a solar loan from our partner bank for financing of maximum 70% of system's price. You can easily pay loan EMis with savings from plant and get free electricity after completion of. We arrange for a solar developer to invest in setting up of rooftop plant on your roof and then sell electricity at a discounted rateto you for period of 10 years or more.
Ownership Customer Customer Solar Developer
Monthly Payment No Monthly EMis to Bank Monthly Bill payment to Solar Developer
Maintenance contract Optional Compulsary Compulsary
Upfront Investment 100% Minimum30% No

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Plant Capacity 5KW Space required 500 square feet
Cost of Plant 2.51acs Upfront investment Rs.60,000
Rate of interest for Loan 10.5%* Tenure 5 years
  • Calculation done for a commercial electricity tariff.
  • Interest rates can be 1% higher basis credit profile.
  • Returns to reduce by 2.5% in first year & then 1% every passing year.
  • Savings calculated assuming inverter replacement in year 10 & 20th.